Whey + Lemon = Wheymonade

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No Muscle Milk here. We’re doin’ whey Hippocrates style.

We’re drippin’ it, we’re drinkin’ it, and we’re diggin’ it! Right, Hippocrates?


“YAYUH!” ~ Hippocrates

You can quote him on that.

Today, my friends, I bring you Wheymonade. Whey + Lemon = Wheymonade. Genius.

This is a tonic straight out of Nourishing Traditions with a little tweak.

Remember how I taught you how to drip your own whey and make your own cream cheese?

Well, besides using it to lacto-ferment beet kvass, sauerkraut, and other dreamy fermentables, you can alsa drink it.

Whey actually has a ton of healing properties–it is capable of regenerating intestinal flora, repleneshing electrolytes (wheymonade > gatorade) and hydration, and provides essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. A whole food supplement if you ask me!

“In Sweden, whey cheese and whey butter were once made and consumed daily. Historically, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, suggested whey for the health of his patients. The diary of Samuel Pepys, a 17th century admiral in the English navy, is most interesting in this regard. Pepys wrote about frequenting places where whey was served regularly. He said, “Thence to the whey house and drank a great deal of whey and so home.” The story of Little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey is said to have originated in Scandinavia. Here they drank whey for centuries as it was known for it’s health benefits and thought to be the secret of their beautiful complexions. The noted Dr. Paavo Airola called whey a “miracle food” to help people stay young and healthy longer. Whey is the liquid gold essence of milk that supports our immune system and maintains our protective flora throughout life. This long-forgotten, valuable food should again be made part of our regular diet for good colon health. Whey has the ability to regenerate the intestinal flora. ”

~Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions

I find that if I have some extra whey on hand from my dripping I can easily incorporate it into this recipe for a quick pick me up.

This would be EXCELLENT to put it a to-go bottle for your workout, working in the garden, a long day at work, running errands, etc.

You will need:

1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 cup home-dripped whey

1 T honey – preferably raw and locally sourced

1/2 cup filtered water (preferably cold)

ice cubes (optional)


1. Mix lemon juice and whey together

2. Add room temperature honey and stir in. 

3. Add cold filtered water last so that it doesn’t make it difficult to mix the honey in. 

4. Add ice cubes.

Easiest thing ever, right?

The lemon juice to whey ratio is 1:1 so increase your batch as you see fit. You can make extra and store it in the fridge for several months.

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2 Thoughts on “Whey + Lemon = Wheymonade

  1. I understand the importance of whey and use it a lot in my own kitchen but hubby has dairy issues. Any suggestions?

    • admin on 000 at 6:43 pm said:

      Just regular lemonade for hubby then! I would use the GAPS protocol to heal his gut so that he may be able to tolerate dairy.

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