The key to success public education never taught you.


I had an epiphany. And it has to do with WHY I am so bitter toward the public school system. I always knew there was something broken. Something wasn’t right. I felt jipped. One-size fits all schooling always rubbed me the wrong way. And of course there is the problem with propaganda, indoctrination, and rewritten history. But even that isn’t the main problem (and that’s saying a lot!) I could never put my finger on anything more specific until now.

Mastery. They never encourage Mastery.

Mastery pertains to perfecting a particular skill set. To reach mastery, authors Malcolm Gladwell and Robert Greene claim that 10,000 hours of work will have to be put into training. (source)

Throughout history, very successful people lived out their potential for one reason. It wasn’t because they were all committed and scholarly participants in the public education system. In fact, many people we admire for their success had little to no luck with conventional schooling. I’m not going to name names because you know it’s true. Think of someone you admire. They pioneered a topic, a skill, an area of study. They didn’t become successful by regurgitating lessons from textbooks. 

There is absolutely no emphasis on mastering any skill in the public education system. We come out of school at almost twenty years old as jacks of all trades, masters of none. And with no idea what we’re passionate about because everything we have been taught was so damn BLAND. Eighteen years and nothing to show for it. Then we are told we should do a minimum of four more years of school only to keep learning the art of information regurgitation. Only after twenty-two years of life are we thrown out into the world, all having the same shallow knowledge and no actual skills to produce anything.

In generations past, trade schools were encouraged. But even that is poo-pooed now. They say it’s for the best. They say a degree is necessary to have, something to “fall back on” if things don’t work out. I don’t see it that way. I see it as a waste of time. I see a system that profits off of complacent, skill-less, economic slaves who are fearful of jumping off the corporate hamster wheel for fear of death by school loan debt. What good does a piece of paper do when the economy crashes? What good does a piece of paper do if you have no skills? What happens when everyone has a Bachelor’s degree–does then no one have a Bachelor’s degree?

To be clear, I don’t believe that all degrees are created equal. Even the same degree will mean something different for two different people. What you put into something is what you will get out of it. If you are pursuing a degree to master a skill and attending school is the best way to acheive the mastery of said skill, more power to you. But if you are pursuing a degree because that is what you’ve been conditioned to think will guarantee you success and security, you’re making a big mistake. Before you secure a future consisting of working a job you might not like at a company you will probably like less to pay off school loans you had to take out to get said job, think. Put some thought into the lifestyle you are signing up for.

My issue  though is actually more with k-12 schooling. A lot of people will say that they learned the tools necessary to be able to learn about other things in those years. I am aghast if you actually think that it takes 13 + years to learn how to learn. In my humble opinion, the things you learn in undergraduate classes during Freshman and Sophomore years of college should have been learned when you were twelve. But that’s the result when a system is in place that cares about quantity over quality. It takes forever.

Truthfully, the system is outrageous. Time is wasted–LIVES are wasted. At eighteen years old, people should not be floundering. Too often I hear the excuse made for teenagers, “Oh, he’s just young, he doesn’t know any better yet.” No. I won’t accept that. Perhaps the reason he doesn’t know any better is because he was prevented from obtaining any skills for almost 20 years. I expect more from people at eighteen, everyone should. What are we waiting for? At eighteen years old, you should be an adult. The only reason eighteen year olds are not adults is because of public schooling. They have been cooped up, sheltered, and prevented from mastering any skill and pursuing any passion.

There should be no one at eighteen years of life who has not yet discovered their passion and their calling.

In fact, with an effective system, by eighteen years of life, you should have something mastered or be on your way to mastering something. There is no excuse for a system that produces completely skill-less eighteen year olds who wouldn’t be able to make a living doing anything but entry-level jobs. I think eighteen year olds would agree. I know I would have been much happier had I been encouraged to to find my calling rather than forced to regurgitate information day after day. And it’s not that the concept of Mastery is simply unmentioned–it’s not encouraged! How degrading. Teenagers are mentally and physically in the beginning stage of the prime of their life. And the system just sits on it. Lets it accumulate dust. It doesn’t give a damn.

The fact that it is rare to find an eighteen year old who knows their calling and their passion is appalling.  EIGHTEEN YEARS! As an adult, think of all the things you could accomplish in eighteen years. Now think about all the things you didn’t accomplish in the first eighteen years of your life. And for what? You learned about a lot of things. None of which are of one ounce of importance to you right now. And if something was interesting to you, that interest was squelched because you had to learn the required curriculum. You could have mastered something. But it isn’t encouraged. You had to learn the exact same thing everyone else was learning so you could be exactly like everyone else.

This may sound like a bunch of conspiracy nonsense but I encourage you to think this through. Do you truly believe you were put on this earth to live an existence of mediocrity? To know and believe the same things as everyone else? To work a job that you hate? Do you feel a lack of direction in your life? Do you feel bored by every day life? If you feel like you are living out your calling, I salute you. That is rare–and I wish it wasn’t.

I suppose I should feel lucky because a lot of people have this epiphany at 50 years old. You know, the mid-life crisis. I’m only 26. But if I’m pissed about this now, I can only imagine how upset someone twice my age would be at the realization that they’ve been duped into a lifestyle that is meaningless.

So, what am I going to do about it? I’m going to master my passions. It’s called self-education and everyone should be doing it. I’m going to learn things that I can only learn when pursued out of passion with commitment and dedication.

The problem is, most people don’t even know what they’re passionate about. To master something, you have to be passionate about something. 

What are you naturally good at?

What do people thank you for? 

What topic could you talk about for hours on end? 

What kind of people inspire you? 

What qualities in other people do you admire?

At your funeral, what do you want people to remember you for?

Think on these questions. Figure it out. Let me know in the comments what your true passions are. I want to know!

“Take a job that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn’t that a little like saving up sex for your old age?” – Warren Buffett

If you’re wondering who you should blame for these crazy ideas in my head, it’s Robert Greene. He wrote the book entitled Mastery. If you haven’t read it, do it now. It will change your life.


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The brutal truth about Ben Howe’s “On Brutal Truth”

A friend shared with me Ben Howe’s recent article titled, “On Brutal Truth”. It stirred within me a bevy of brutal truths and a distaste for his distaste of the brutal truth.

I’m not from this new school of thought that says if you are confident and unapologetic for your beliefs then you are an asshole, judgmental, rude, and insensitive. Perhaps because, to the masses, morality is now subjective and that makes holding to your own truths judgmental toward people who don’t hold the same truths. We are not allowed to hold our own absolute “rights” and “wrongs”–or even rely upon objective facts. Because the retorts are not about what you said, but about your perceived character. That is what irritated me regarding the whining about the Matt Walsh suicide post. Hardly anyone addressed what he actually said, but there were tons of ad hominems thrown around about his character. Like the person I mentioned in my last post who said Walsh is an insensitive prick, an asshole, judgmental, etc. Why? They couldn’t specifically say. No substantive arguments. Just ad hominems. When Walsh posted his rebuttal, all of a sudden people were commenting about how they got emotional from the first post and they just couldn’t read through his insensitivity. My point exactly.

If you read my posts or my Facebook page, you know how strongly I believe something does not need to be “nice” in order for it to be true or right.  I am not advocating that we should be assholes. As I said, “The truth is not always nice. This does not mean that it is mean or rude, either. It’s straight-forward, confrontational, and unapologetic. There’s a difference.” 

Ben Howe disagrees. In fact, he goes so far as to say we should sacrifice truth in order to get more people on our team. They might have no idea why they’re on our team, but at least they’re there. Ben Howe, you have successfully reduced politics to the futility of a football game. I thought the purpose of politics was to preserve our republic and uphold the constitution, not to have more teammates. We might win one vote with empty-headed allies, but we won’t preserve the republic, because stupid people are always stirred by the freshest breeze. They lack foundation. They are fickle. Teams don’t hire players without skill.

I think this is especially important for political debating. How is anyone supposed to believe the truth if even we can’t be confident in arguing it? If we explain everything apologetically, equivocally, and say things like, “I know this sounds insensitive but…” every time we say something, are people going to take us seriously? Of course I don’t think we should be brutal while attempting to persuade them. But I have observed there is very little brutality in what is commonly referred to as the brutal truth.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.11.17 PM

Truth that is so brutal? Please. Tell me what truth is so brutal that we can’t talk about it. I’d love to hear what truth that is. Apparently Howe thinks we should avoid any topic that makes people hate us. And that’s, well–everything. So let’s just persuade the sheeple out there with emotional manipulation instead, right? Forget the principles. In fact, let’s just forget about all intellectual discourse. Let’s become the left. UGH. Did I say ugh yet?

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.04.58 PM
Then he says that the brutal truth will result in people who are irrationally afraid. I’ll be the first one to say: I wish that was our problem! Your daughter may not be able to handle the reality of consequences but I sure as hell hope adults can. I don’t think an appropriate solution is to talk to people like they’re children (can you believe he advocated talking to people like children?) because the whole truth might be too shocking or too much to handle. The analogy of his daughter afraid of burning the house down was the worst possible example because it perfectly proves my point. Don’t we want, for people to understand the nightmarish things that come of legislating utopian ideologies? Uh, YEAH! Politically, I hope the truth does shock. I hope the possibility of terrible consequences of bad politics and policy making shakes people. If they’re adults, we shouldn’t have to worry about them being “irrationally afraid.” Those adults are called “paranoid.” Is he saying that use of the brutal truth will result in a society of mentally unstable adults? That is outrageous.

When more people understand the nightmare of leftist ideology, it will be because of articulation. Articulation should be our goal. If you’re involved in politics you know the real reason the right typically loses is lack of articulation (hint: it’s not that they aren’t able–they’re afraid). If we take Ben Howe’s advice we’re just going to end up with more inarticulate, bland arguments that lack conviction. No one is going to be persuaded by that. But that’s okay apparently, because we wouldn’t want people to be irrationally afraid. Ha!

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, he also says “To put it briefly, are we concerned about making sure people know we’re right? Or do we want them to agree with us?” 

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.10.29 PM


First of all, huh? Isn’t acknowledging that someone is right and agreeing with them by definition the same thing? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Does this mean we should sacrifice honesty and principle so that people agree with us? Why does it have to be one or the other? That is such a RINO thing to say. Translation: “Just play to their emotions so they agree with us–who cares about speaking the truth or sticking to principles!”

The funny thing about it though is that the left does not prescribe to Ben Howe’s ideas at all. They spew vitriol all over the internet, the news, newspapers, and radio and plenty of people buy into their ideology. They shout down dissenters. They bully people. They cram their ideology down your throat with a battering ram. No equivocation. No maybes. No apologies. Therefore, I reject that our problem is too many “brutal” truths, too much “vitriol,” and too much “hatred.” We’re light years behind the left in that arena. Let us master the skill of articulation first before blaming the “brutal” truths. Only a true RINO would advocate trashing our ideals while cranking the pathos knob to maximum.

The people that represent us are bumbling idiots. That’s the problem. And Ben Howe, stop enabling our failing politicians and pushing their preferred mode of operation. The Mitch McConnells and John McCains love to hear the things you are saying. It absolves them of their responsibility to the truth. They could use a little brutality . That would bring them to “alive” status at least. At this point I don’t even hear a heartbeat.

Ben Howe, your method has failed your party. Any shred of liberty has only been preserved so far because bold people refuse to mince words. Now we are in danger of losing it altogether because of our sickening blandness.  Our problem isn’t to much gusto, but to paraphrase the Iron Lady, unfortunately our brains don’t connect to our spines.

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Does an idea have to be conveyed with “niceness” in order for it to be true or right?

We’ve come to that point, ladies and gentlemen. We are officially there. We are at that point of moral subjectivity those opposed to “political correctness” have feared for so long. Nothing you say is true or relevant unless you speak it sweetly, nicely, and equivocally.

I didn’t see it coming in the force that it seems to have suddenly arrived. But I now realize that I belong to a very minute percentage of the population that can take something seriously that doesn’t ooze with unwarranted compliments and enabling reassurances. The other thing that people take seriously is dry dialogue. Textbook speak. These are our only two options for conveying ideas. Perhaps the conditioning of public school? I digress.

We want trophies when we don’t deserve them and we don’t want our papers graded in red ink–it’s too judgmental.

I come from the mindset that it matters where you are coming from rather than how you say it. If you are coming from a place of genuine concern, frustration, and passion it may not always be spoken with loving words or dry dialogue. You can be coming from a place of entitlement and selfishness and speak very sweetly. I don’t really care how you are saying whatever you are saying–I care WHY you are saying it. Because that’s what actually matters, isn’t it? Who wants a world filled with sweet dialogue if everyone is just trying to preserve their own ego? What a fake, superficial, self-aggrandizing world that would be. Pardon me, what a fake, superficial, self-aggrandizing world this IS. I want people with convictions, passion, and the desire for unwavering truth. And the truth is not always nice. This does not mean that it is mean or rude, either. It’s straight forward, confrontational, and unapologetic. There’s a difference.

Perhaps this is why I’ve always preferred the churches that most people are deterred from. They’re small and intimate. But the Pastor is strong in his convictions and delivers an ardent message. Fire and brimstone. Meanwhile, mega-churches are growing like wild-fires. Where the feel good messages and candy-coated principles flow free.

By now, you probably know what inspired this post. Yes, the blog post by Matt Walsh that went viral. I got into a conversation on Facebook with someone who had nothing but harsh words for Matt Walsh. According to her, he’s an insensitive prick, judgmental, an asshole, etc. Harsh words for someone upset about harsh words.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.03.52 AM

After she was done posting about what an insensitive prick Matt Walsh is, she proceeded to suggest another post that she felt conveyed the message better. And, low and behold, it carried the same message. But dry. The article stated,

“Moutier has some advice for organizations and individuals talking about Williams’s death online: Be sure to acknowledge that suicide has underlying issues — and those issues can be addressed. The focus, she adds, should be on his incredible life. It certainly shouldn’t celebrate or glorify how he died.”

Yup, same message. Depression can be addressed. You don’t have to commit suicide. There is nothing freeing about committing suicide.

But wait, let’s go back to what she stated at the end of her post:

“But I really don’t like people who put other people into boxes, and then judge and hate all over everyone who doesn’t fit into their own perfect little box. Everyone is awesome and wonderful and amazing, in life and in death – no matter how they go.”

So really, she disagrees with the article she posted. But she’s okay with it because the message is dry and doesn’t drive her to rally up defenses of her ego. It allows her to stay comfy and cozy with her chosen narrative. It’s not thought-provoking, it’s not convicting, it’s dry. In her words, “less emotive.” Less emotive and therefore more relevant. Same message. Moral subjectivism at it’s finest.

So, when I asked readers on my Facebook page “Does an idea have to be conveyed with “niceness” in order for it to be true or right?” Besides a few answers, I mostly got responses that said “No, but it helps to convey the message better.” So, the answer is No. And does it really help to convey the message better? No. It just makes it easier for people stay in their comfort zone, unchallenged and unprovoked. 

I challenge you to work on this. Acquire a taste for things that make you uncomfortable. That’s where growth occurs. Things that challenge you. Read things that are diametrically opposed to your view point and attempt to analyze them objectively. If you still disagree, that’s fine. The important thing is to develop a good reason why you disagree rather than simply disagreeing with the way it was said because it seems judgmental.

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If you’re freaking out about the new Facebook messenger app wait until you hear about what the NSA has been doing for years.

As I posted on Facebook earlier today:

“It has recently come to my attention that people are freaking out about the new Facebook messenger app. People are suddenly worried personal privacy breaches and that google/the government will use the messenger app to take pictures of them with their device’s camera, store messages, and access private information stored on your device. 

My question is, why is everyone suddenly so worried about their privacy when the NSA has been doing these things for years?

The NSA stores your data, can access your camera, and can see all information that you store on your device. If you are interesting to them in any way, it’s already in their database. They’ve probably tracked you and taken pictures of you. And if you have any nude selfies, they thank you. 

If you are worried about the invasion of your privacy now, it’s too late. The NSA is already out of control. Does the name Edward Snowden ring a bell? 

If you genuinely want to preserve your privacy I would recommend getting rid of Facebook and your phone, computer, or tablet.”

James Buchal (candidate for Congress in Oregon) has an excellent powerpoint presentation that outlines the privacy invasions of the NSA. Here are a few slides:

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.27.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.25.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.27.41 PM



Then, I had the pleasure of conversing with someone who suggested a new app to use for private messages instead of using the Facebook app:Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 6.22.01 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 6.20.07 PM


Remember when I said in this post that I tend to not make very many friends in the blogging world? I wasn’t kidding.

It’s hard to network with people when they have their well-intentioned head up their ass so far they become angry when a topic of conversation comes up that does not fit their agenda. We’ve already let the NSA usurp power unconstitutionally. You’re late to the party. Your concern is futile. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

To take a stand against the app seems like feigned concern for privacy. If one genuinely cared, they would not use any device, app, or e-mail program. I only ever really see people taking stances and stands against things when it is convenient and expected, there are easy alternatives, and the hysteria is mainstream.

Perhaps I misunderstood. My husband pointed out that, well, he may not care that the NSA will collect the information despite what app he uses. He may only be concerned with Facebook collecting information. He’s right. A lot of people care about silly things. Like how Facebook collects information for target advertising. But when the government is recording your conversations, and taking pictures with your smart phone camera….eh, whatevs.

Why anyone would be concerned with Facebook having information but not the government is beyond comprehension to me.

So, if you hear anyone complain about the privacy breaches by Facebook’s new messenger app. Show them the above slides. They’ve been duped. And they’ll soon realize that, in order to guarantee privacy, they’ll have to avoid all social media, apps, computers, phones, and tablets–which they’re not likely to do. And we shouldn’t, it’s not the solution. Just like boycotting the new Facebook messenger app is not the solution. Feigned concern and convenient activism is for statists. For realists, we have one solution: Abolish the NSA and repeal the Patriot Act.

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What a beautiful….waste of space.


Yesterday, for work, I canvassed a neighborhood where the houses were beautiful. They were landscaped, manicured, well-cared for, and obviously not cheap. I can’t tell you how many tranquil, man-made waterfall fountains I saw. It was like a scene out of “The Truman Show”. It completely freaked me out. I wanted to run back to Portland where there are still unpaved roads, overgrown gardens, and chickens moseying around in the Safeway parking lot.

The people that answered the doors to these houses were mostly fat and grumpy. I even saw an older gentleman power washing his already spotless driveway.

I grew up in a neighborhood similar to this and I never really understood it. We lived in the least manicured house on the block. Our fence was always falling down and our bushes were always trying to overtake the sidewalk. We liked it because it had a huge backyard. Huge for Los Angeles standards, that is. Our standard poodle could run and wear himself out playing fetch, and we could grow a garden.

But what’s the purpose of this? What’s the purpose of putting physical work and resources into creating a landscaped piece of property that serves absolutely no purpose other than to look sterile and pretty?

I mean, look at those lines on the grass! That took some serious effort to make those lawnmower lines so perfect.

The only conclusion that I can come to is these people must be so confused. I would be too if this was the life I led. I would wonder what it’s all really for. Why do I work so hard? Is the point of life to work hard, earn money, and show it off with some completely useless landscaping? How unsatisfying. How disconnected they must feel. No wonder they were mostly fat and grumpy.

Perhaps I’m just grumpy myself. That’s always a likely answer. But man, I can’t imagine ever being one of those people. I can only imagine that people with landscaping like this have zero zest for life. And I don’t say that to just be completely rude. I say that because I honestly believe that these people are clueless. Maybe they grew up completely impoverished and now they flaunt their money with useless landscaping. Maybe they never had anyone grow a garden with them. Maybe they grew up in a house exactly like this and they just think that’s how it should be. I wonder what they think when they see houses a few minutes north with bountiful gardens growing in the front and backyard? I wonder if they think it’s bizarre. “How bizarre, don’t they know they can just go to the grocery store and buy any produce they need there?” I wonder.

I just looked down the street, house after house after house, perfectly power-washed driveways, perfectly mowed green lawns, the trickle of many tranquil fountains and I tried to imagine if all of these houses were little homesteads instead. I tried to picture chickens strutting out into the street, scattered across the green grass lawns. I pictured bean poles and luscious squash vines. I pictured berry bushes instead of shaped hedges. It was a much better picture.

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Someone’s mad that I said feminists have baboons’ brains.

Dissenting Opinion recently posted this on Facebook regarding my recent post, Are feminists really just women with baboons’ brains? 

“While I was taking a break from this page, a reader asked me a question: OK, if calling an opponent “an idiot” doesn’t work, then what does?

The answer I have might be very disappointing. Because nothing will work, really. Nothing – IF by “it works” you mean that, at the end of the debate, you opponent will tell you “Oh, I see now. I have been mistaken all my life. I now clearly see I was wrong. Thank you for showing me my errors”.

Nothing will bring this result, ever. Not calling your opponent “an idiot”, not informing her that “she has a brain of a baboon” – and not treating her with utmost respect. Not anecdotal evidence – and not links to studies from reputable sources. Not appealing to reason – and not appealing to emotion, either. I hate to tell you this – but humans don’t change their mind that easily, even provided with the most solid facts and the most unassailable logic.

So, does it mean you should just give up? Or, since your opponent is so deaf to the voice of reason, you can at least take a pleasure of pissing her off, and calling her “idiot”, “imbecile” and “a person with the mental clarity of an ape”? If you are right – and you are absolutely, certainly, 100% sure of that! – and your opponent is hopelessly stubborn in her wrongness, then why not? “

…and she goes on about why we should speak quietly and allow people time to come around.

Here’s a revolutionary thought: I don’t write for you. I don’t write for any of you, I’m sorry to say. If I wrote for you, out there (echo…echo…), I would hate writing. I would be babbling on about some stupid crap that I think people want to hear. And then I would want to blow my brain out after realizing what a sell-out and useless writer I am. I write for myself. Any self-respecting writer should. If the things I write turn you off we could always be friends in person. In-person me is a bigger kiss-ass. Sounds like we could be great friends!

If you’re looking for someone to write you a love letter of a post, someone to gently persuade you with melodic compliments and timid equivocations, you’d better keep looking. I’m not here to deliver you utmost respect in my blog posts. I actually had no idea you read my blog (thank you) so why would I take the time to write something more appropriate for your taste? I’m not here to convince anyone of their wrongness or to hear people say “how wrong I was, thank you!”. The only people that write to hear that are pompous and ego-driven. So, yes, I take pleasure in writing what I want to write. And if that pisses someone off so be it because frankly, I love calling people idiots and telling people they have the mental clarity of an ape. I also love caustic humor. And not having a stick up my ass.

To each their own.

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When people order the mini meat lovers…whatever that is.

“Uhmmm, I think I’ll have the mini meat lovers”

“Er, you want the meatloaves?”

“Oh, yeah. The mini meatloaves.”

This is my day. I listen to people order mini meat lovers. The menu says “mini meatloaves”.

I don’t know, either.

Then people ask me what size is a small. And for the gagillionth time this week, I point to the display containers of small, medium, and large. With large, bold, bubble characters that say “SMALL” “MEDIUM” “LARGE”.

But don’t worry, the customers usually specify that they’d like a small kale salad.

Except the menu says one price for kale salad. There is only one size. But they think they’ve got the idea, so they specify.

There’s the question of “What’s in the puhlayoh popsicle?” I don’t know what that is, so I repeat back, “puh-LAY-oh popsicle? I don’t know what that is. I can tell you what we use in the Paleo Popsicle, though!”

When you live in Portland, the most common bumper sticker you see is “Keep Portland Weird.”

Guys, I think we’re good. We’re a community of cannibals who want to eat meat-loving midgets for lunch.

Can you believe I’m leaving this delightful crowd to go work in politics? Me either. I’d take midget cannibals over the circus of politics any day. Yes, it’s a good opportunity. It could lead to great things and more opportunities. And fun stuff. Who knows what’ll happen. And, after all the conservatives and libertarians win their elections in Oregon come November, I’ll be right back to normalcy with my beloved midget cannibals pouring mug after mug of steaming bone broth.

Goodbye for now, Cultured Caveman. I love you. I’ll miss you. It’s been real.


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Are feminists really just women with baboons’ brains?


I recently posted on Facebook a little rambling that went like this:

“[Feminists] are so free from traditional and societal gender roles that you rely on your employer to purchase health care for you that provides a drug from a billion dollar industry to take away your fertility and give you a myriad of health issues subsequently? Feminists make women look like colossal, hypocritical idiots.”

There is nothing like a good supreme court verdict and the subsequent Facebook postings from imbecile women everywhere to make me wish that we were still living in a time when women didn’t vote. Perhaps women were locked up in their suburban households for too long with husbands who didn’t let them read books or have meaningful conversation and now we’re seeing the effects of reverse evolution. Now that we’re all free and liberated, women are expressing themselves, but all that’s left is the mental clarity of an ape and the vicious, emotional rage of a baboon. Can you imagine if Hobby Lobby provided a healthcare plan that covered several different vasectomy procedures but had an issue with only one type of procedure and didn’t want to use a plan that contained the ONE and so all of the men of social media went on an emotional rampage about #mensrights #equality #vasectomiesforall #notmybossbusiness #religiousfreedom?  I can’t either. Feminists don’t understand freedom and choice. Otherwise they would understand that they don’t have to work for Hobby Lobby, they can work for someone else who provides a health care plan that they like. They would also understand they have the freedom to buy birth control separate from their employer if they so desire. They would understand that they are neither liberated, free, nor empowered by reliance upon employer, government, and billion dollar pharmaceutical industry for a fertility-wrecking drug.

The thing is, birth control is not a right. You have a right that no one can prevent you from obtaining it by your own means if you desire, but not a right to make someone else pay for it. That would require a mutual agreement between two parties and one party cannot force another party to do something they don’t want to do because that would violate the other party’s liberties. Remember the line from the Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”? It is not guaranteeing you happiness just that no one can prevent you from pursuing it yourself. You can’t walk up to someone’s house, mow their lawn without their approval, and then demand that they pay you for the work you did. Why? Because it was not a mutual agreement. It was not agreed upon with contract by both participating parties. You could talk to the owner of the house, offer your services and mutually agree on a wage that you will accept for the work of mowing their lawn. In that case, once you have finished your part of the contract (mowing the lawn) then you have a right to the wage you agreed upon. But how did the notion that employers have agreed to pay female wage in the form of birth control suddenly sweep the female brain? I guess I missed that groundbreaking news.  Hobby Lobby was apparently curious too, and so it went to the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court said, “Yeah no prob, you can still pay your employee’s with regular money, and a health care plan you choose that still covers 16 different versions of birth control.”

So if a homeless bum walks up to you, feminists, and demands a twenty and you don’t give it to them and they say, “I have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and you are denying me that!!!” That’s exactly what you sound like, feminists. Because you didn’t agree that you would pay the bum’s 20 dollar wage. He is assuming it’s his because he doesn’t understand the concept of a right.

Political philosophy aside, I’m not entirely sure where the birth control hysteria came from and why consuming it is the grandiose manifestation of feminism. In this context, feminism seems more like anti-feminism. Feminists perceive the difference from men in their genitalia and reproductive organs as a weakness rather than a strength. With every other physical aspect, we are encouraged to embrace our differences. Black people, white people, asian people, fat people, skinny people, tall people, short people, red heads, brunettes, blondes–we are all different. And our diversity is a strength to be praised. Except when it comes to sex. With genitalia, we are told there should be no difference. Feminists refuse to embrace their bodies. They are only free when they suppress the parts of their bodies that make them different from men. When they are no longer fertile. They strive for a genderless identity and a world where everyone is gender neutral. How can a pro-female movement flourish when its grandiose manifestation is ruining the very thing that makes them female?

I don’t take birth control. I don’t need to wreck my body and pervert its functioning to something that it was never meant to be. My female body is the way it is, different from men, and I’m completely comfortable with that. In fact, it’s a point of pride for me. There are many methods of managing our reproductive organs that are founded on understanding and embracing fertility rather than suppressing it. Methods that make fertility a shared responsibility between partners: don’t increase the risk of miscarriage, make you more in tune with your body, don’t require any money, and let you keep your libido (because don’t feminists want to enjoy sex!? apparently not). All this, birth control pills unequivocally do not do.  The Lunar Phase Method, The Billings Ovulation Method, The Rhythm Method, The Standard Days Method, and other Natural Family Planning methods are out there and work just as if nor more effectively than birth control pills. A baboon can take a pill everyday. A rational, thinking human being should be capable of a lot more.

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The shallow revolution of the real food blogger.


I don’t make a lot of friends in the real food blogging world. At one point I tried. You can probably tell by a lot of my posts. Homemade blah blah blah. How to make blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, I love food. I love food a lot. I plan my meals as if creating art. The recipes you will find on my blog are from the heart and things I make quite frequently. But I can’t just make a recipe or the sake of making a recipe. I’ll give you a recipe when I have the urge. And dammit, I don’t often have the urge. Which makes me a bad food blogger. I can only spend so much time making recipes and telling people what they want to hear and teaching people something they could find on a million different blogs.  It’s quite boring and shallow. Everything I would love to teach people to do regarding real food is in Nourishing Traditions. That’s where I learned, and that’s where you can too. Buy the book. Done. Now does the internet really need 5,349 different blogs with posts about how to make kombucha or can we move on?

I’m here to write. My blog is my baby. My creative outlet that, by some miracle, renders a less neurotic me. The things I say here I care passionately about. And while I do care about the number of hits my blog gets, Facebook likes, and other forms of public affirmation, it can be a draining attempt at networking when all people talk about is boosting blog traffic, social media tips, and affiliate programs. It may seem as though, behind the scenes, real food bloggers are activists and passionate home cooked revivalists, most are not. They’ve lost it.

The formation of big blog networks sort of ended the passion and turned the community into a marketing department.  Some bloggers have outwardly expressed their distaste for blogs who bring up controversial or politic issues and some say they won’t post politically related information because they are too afraid of what you (the reader) will think, or say, or do. You might leave. You might be offended. And that would affect their numbers. Blogging has a new motive: to make money and don’t shake the boat too much.

I thought we started our blogs because we are passionate about changing the state of disarray our culture’s food situation is in. I thought we were going to be the ones to stand up to the terrible science, politicians, and corporatist thieves whom we allowed to put us in this situation. No? We’re only going to talk about recipes? Ok. Can anyone here talk about the issues without fretting over what’s couth or not? At one point I think the real food blogger community could. There was a time when people who blogged about food cared more about the ideas and changing the tide than about food photography and Pinterest clicks. I guess the reason I bring this up isn’t really for any major statement. I have no grande declaration or call to action. Just disappointment. And the realization that I belong to a shallow revolution of real food bloggers.

Perhaps I’m sacrificing a bustling blog site for refusing to talk about the same things over and over that bore my brain to tears. I just can’t, no matter how hard I try, feel fulfilled and accomplished seeing that my blog is getting thousands of hits for under two minutes a person because of a post about homemade eyeliner that a kindergartner could have invented. I just can’t. It feels like bashing my head against the wall over and over and over and over.

(It’s good stuff though, the eyeliner, works really well. You should try it.

Well, now that I’ve succeeded in writing a post that alienates an entire community of bloggers, I think I’ll publish it. Because I’m savvy like that. And masochistic, apparently.


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Libertarians need to start acting like Democrats.



Enthusiasm. Get some.

Libertarians need to act like Democrats. No, not THINK like Democrats–God forbid–ACT.

For the past couple months, my husband has been doing canvassing work for a nonprofit organization founded on libertarian principles. He has encountered many people. Many people have taken his survey. He knows before he talks to people what their voter registration is: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Non-Partisan, Libertarian, etc.

Despite the fact that the organization is founded on principles of liberty, do you know who the nicest people are? The Democrats.

Democrats are most willing to take his survey. Democrats are most willing to converse about the issues. Democrats slam doors in his face less often. Democrats are more willing to donate a few bucks to the organization. What the hell?

Honestly, good on them. They are nice people. They like to talk about the issues. They have no shame in boldly proclaiming their stance. They tell it like (they think)it is. They are on fire for their cause. And then they happily give money to causes they believe in. “Hold on, let me check if I have a few dollars in my purse!” As opposed to, “No, I can’t donate at this time.” The other end of the spectrum tend to be more cautious. They don’t engage much. They already think they know what you have to say. They’re busy, too busy, to talk to strangers. They have less regard for politeness. They aren’t on fire for their cause. They are hesitant to donate.

Of course, this isn’t the situation for every single person. But it’s a pattern worth noting. There certainly are libertarians and conservatives who are happy to give, especially when they are passionate about the principles of liberty. This is usually the exception, not the rule.

I don’t begrudge libertarians for being fed-up. Holding fast to a strong foundation of principles amidst a population of emotionally, and irrationally-charged statists would drive any self-respecting libertarian into a state of underground troll-like behavior. We have to rise above, though.  If we don’t start acting like Democrats, there will soon ONLY be Democrats. Their ways are working. Their ideology spreads like wildfire because of this. They win elections. Democrat candidates are generously donated to. They have no shame. As it has been said, word of mouth is the best method of advertisement. Politics is no exception. Your democrat neighbors, they have word of mouth handled like a boss, don’t they?

And do you ever notice how leftists always assume in conversation that you are also one of their kind?  It doesn’t even cross their presumptuous brain that you may be of a different opinion. And if it does, they could care less.  As they say…How do you know when someone is a liberal? They’ll tell you.

Libertarians fly under the radar. We’re used to being the fringe. The radical, outlandish, freaks who care about liberty. We’re the people that recite quotes, and books, and historical events, and tie it all back to principles of the enlightenment. We don’t get emotionally charged about fake wars–the war on women, the war on drugs, the war on racism, the war on poverty. We remain calm with a facetious eye roll and then proceed to tell you why politicians are tricking you into thinking there is inequality for their benefit–and it’s working. Our position is not very exciting. It’s disappointing. No one wants to feel like they got majorly duped. Or that they’re suckers.  And we certainly don’t want to feel like the wet blanket thrown over the active, blazing, liberal Democrat fire.

But, it is. It’s exciting. It’s fringe. It’s anarchical–in a good way. It’s not stuffy old politics as usual–it’s enlightenment. It’s a completely batty way of thinking compared to the rest of the world who are satisfied begging for pathetic crumbs of freedom. The Constitution is anarchical inherently.  “You work for us, these are the only things we need from you, now *$%@ off.” That’s batty to people who were brought up to love authoritarianism. Which is most people in this country. We have to bring that sense of independence and badassery out of the shadows and empower the pathetic people who think politicians and regulations are our hope.

My point is, if the Democratic party – whose ideologies and utopian economic policies have decimated entire nations – can be confident in their message then I sure as heck hope that our message of freedom and liberty is at least as inspiring.

And I hope that for a group of people who believe in the free-market, a voluntary society, privatized education, healthcare, social security, roads, and welfare that we would be willing to VOLUNTARILY donate to a PRIVATIZED non-government organization when they are trying to educate people and spread awareness about principles that you believe to be important. Otherwise, I don’t believe that you care. You may as well register Democrat because that is who you are permitting to prevail.


Let’s take the offensive. Let’s be the ones who assume that everyone is on board with our principles in conversation. Because who in their right mind wouldn’t be? Be willing to talk about issues. And don’t let liberals fake you out with emotionally charged fear mongering and fake war bait. Because everything liberals complain about can be traced back to statist legislature that their party implemented. Every statist thing that comes out of their mouth can be refuted and shattered.

So, answer that door. Take that survey. Participate in change. Be optimistic. Be confident that your message is a million times better and be proud to talk about it.

And for the good Lord’s sake, don’t be so stingy when it comes to a few bucks to a private organization, curmudgeons.

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